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Free Resources for Learning Mandarin Chinese

Welcome to the Mandarin Scholar website. This site provides free tutorials and other interactive media for learning Mandarin Chinese. Our goal is to make learning the Chinese language an entertaining and enriching experience.

Learn Chinese Through Songs
Learn Mandarin by listening to Chinese songs. Music is one of the most effective ways for many people to learn a foreign language, especially a tonal-based language like Mandarin. There are a variety of Chinese songs on this site that are drawn from different periods of Chinese history. Learning a song will help with vocabulary build-up, pronunciation, and better understanding of the Chinese language. Chinese Scholar provides the literal translation for each song.

Learn Chinese Through Games
The purpose of the games is to provide a fun way for the users to learn Chinese. Chinese Scholar provides different types of interactive games to enhance the users’ learning experience. Games that help users learn Chinese include sliding puzzles, memory games, character-to-picture matching and more.

Learn Chinese Through Literature
This site contains a collection of Chinese literature from various time periods that had been translated into English. The literature section includes everything from Chinese classics, Chinese poetry, and Chinese philosophy to Chinese kung fu novels and short stories from famous Chinese writers. The purpose of this section is to give readers a broad category of Chinese literature to read and enjoy.

Learn Chinese Through Visual Media
Videos and interactive animations are provided to help visitors get a better understanding of the Chinese language and culture. Chinese Scholar provides interactive tutorials to teach common Chinese phrases. Translations of Chinese TV shows are also available for enjoyment.

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